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The First Steps for Livestock World, Inc. Customers Preparing for A Successful Internet Broadcast & Online Bidding:


Once a sale is booked with Livestock World, Inc. please fill out and sign the contract you will receive from us via e-mail and/or in the mail.


Utilize our Livestock World logos and website link when promoting your sale through advertising, be it online, print, social media or     video. Have customers go to and register for your sale and preview the offering. Prebidding allows them the opportunity to go ahead and take part in the sale early and be prepared if they are unable to join us on sale day.


 A suitable internet connection is paramount to the success of your sale’s internet broadcast and online bidding. A minimum of 256kb upload and download is necessary for our platform to provide the highest quality service. You can test your internet connection at the following website, Please test the connection a minimum of five times to see the consistency of the speed. If you have questions or concerns about your connection please don’t hesitate to contact Chris Terembes at (434) 962-3993 or email him at If there is a speed issue, we can try to help mitigate those issues and increase the connection through technical support.


Please email us your sale catalog when it is completed in a PDF format. Also, please provide your sale photos by email or in a drop box link as well as the website links to your sale videos if the livestock have been videoed. These media files can be sent to


Utilize the Livestock World logo of your choice from below in your sale catalog and all advertising for your event so as to maximize exposure of your internet broadcast and alert potential buyers to the opportunity to participate in your event even if they can’t join us in person on sale day.



Advertise your sale on our website through banner ads and utilize our e-mail blast services. For rates and more information please contact Chris Terembes at (434) 962-3993 or email him at


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